Wild basil

Ocimum gratissimum is the latest herb in the arsenal for men’s well-being. Also known as clove basil or tree basil, this herb grows wild in Hawaii and is traditionally used to treat other things. Research has shown that extracts of the herb can help men with certain conditions.


Vitex is an herb more often used to treat excessive estrogen production in women.
Ordinarily, men should not use vitex at all, since it can interfere with testosterone production.
However, lowing testosterone production helps shrink the gland.

Our Protect men's tea

Protect Men's Tea is an organic tea with special herbs formulated with a blend of hawthorn leaf, flower and fruit, along with vitex, hibiscus, wild basil, saw palmetto and more.

☕ Non-GMO
☕ All Ingredients are organic
☕ The highest quality herbs
☕ Fruity taste, floral, and pleasantly sweet

Inside the box: 16 Tea Bags

Price: € 9.99

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" It’s simple really, sometimes all it takes is good knowledge of the properties of certain products and herbs. "


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